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IGA Exclusive Brands & Sustainability

February 9, 2012

Environmental organizations in the United States and around the world have recently called into question the forestry practices of Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), a leading pulp and paper company that sources fiber from the Indonesian rainforest, among other places.

IGA USA was first made aware of issues involving APP in August of 2011 when IGA Australia—taking into consideration the significant display of public concern regarding the potential negative impact on endangered species in the Indonesian rainforest—stopped sourcing products from APP to make its IGA Brand toilet paper.

Like IGA Australia, IGA USA is committed to safe and responsible sourcing of fiber for our IGA Brand tissue and paper products. As such, we want to assure our shoppers that here in the United States, no IGA Exclusive Brand products have been or will be sourced from Asia Pulp & Paper.