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  • Share Your Opinion Today—Strengthen the Alliance Tomorrow! by Mark BatenicIGA is committed to bringing its member retailers the programs they need to stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. Retailer satisfaction with IGA and with these programs is important to us, and IGA’s annual Retailer Satisfaction Survey is the perfect opportunity for IGA retailers to share their thoughts, recommendations and suggestions with IGA USA so that we have the insight we need to meet your changing needs.
  • Announcing our 2015 USA International Retailer of the Year Finalists! by Mark BatenicEarlier this year we reached out to our U.S.-based IGA Licensed Distribution Companies asking them to submit candidates for 2015 IGA USA International Retailer of the Year. They answered the call by sending us applications for some of the finest grocery retailers this country has to offer.
  • Retailers and Shoppers Win Again with Breakfast with IGA by Doug FritschThis past September IGA and The J.M. Smucker Company partnered to bring shoppers another Performance Insights breakfast-themed promotion that delivered results for participating retailers across the country.
  • Congratulating Our "Big Brands, Big Displays" Contest Winners! by John CaseyThis October, Procter & Gamble Co. teamed up with IGA to host our second "Big Brands, Big Displays" display contest in IGA stores, timed to run in conjunction with the P&GbrandSAVER® coupon book that was dropping across the country in most Sunday papers.
  • Get Ready to Win—In More Ways than One! by Archie McGregorAs your IGA National Retailer Advisory Board Chairman, I believe the Global Rally is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of the single most valuable aspect of IGA: the power of our Alliance relationships.
  • Summer Selling Made Simple by Mick or Mack IGA by Dave BennettThis past August IGA Performance Insights gave us yet another great opportunity to promote IGA Exclusive Brands, this time in conjunction with Red Oval partner Kraft Foods. The offer, $2 off with any two Mio beverage enhancers (Mio, Crystal Light and/or Kool-Aid) with the purchase of a case of IGA brand water, was perfectly themed for the summer months and promotion of our IGA Wounded Warrior Project® event.
  • Spires IGA Supports Schools with Hometown Label Savers by Mike SpiresSpires IGA has been a part of the Lake Butler community for over 120 years, and as a fourth generation store-owner myself, I know that giving back to your community becomes a part of who you are and how you operate on a daily basis.
  • Lend Us Your Ears: Your Rally Speaker Lineup is Here! by Doug FritschIf pictures are worth a thousand words, we figure a video is pretty much priceless, right? With that in mind, today we're sharing a video message with you about next year's Global Rally. Can you believe it's only 162 days away? We know because we're counting down the days to our best Rally yet!
  • Making the Changes that Need to be Made by Tom KishmanOur store has been in business in Minerva for 61 years, but recently the demographics of both our community and our shoppers have begun to change. Five years ago we began to notice that our main customer base was aging shoppers, then two years after there was another major shift when the shale oil and gas industry came to our community, bringing with it younger people who were both long-term and permanent residents working in the natural gas processing plant built just to the east of us.
  • Building on Our Combined Power for Future Success by Gary BakerAs a third generation grocery retailer, I learned a lot about the industry from watching my grandfather and father build our business. Today, my wife Terrie and I run our four store group in south eastern Ohio with the principles and ideals they taught us in mind, but who would have thought back in 1918 when grandfather started the business that the competition would one day be so fierce? Like most IGA retailers, we have Walmart Supercenters and Dollar Stores surrounding our stores, which means we have to work hard to make sure we're doing everything we can to keep our customers coming back.
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