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  • Breaking Down Walls and Working as One by Mike TraskThe newly restructured IGA National Retailer Advisory Board (NRAB) brings together a representative group of IGA retailers, Licensed Distribution Companies (LDCs) and Red Oval manufacturing partners to focus on serving and supporting the needs of IGA retailers. Today Executive Committee Member Mike Trask shares insights on how he sees his role with the NRAB.
  • Introducing New Products to Your IGA Single Serve Coffee Line! by Kurt SchumacherThe IGA Exclusive Brand Department is continuously developing new products to keep the Exclusive Brand line competitive within the private brand marketplace. Today, IGA's Kurt Schumacher shares exciting news about new additions to the IGA single serve coffee line.
  • Celebrate Summer with "Share a Coke" by Jeff WunschIt's summer, and nothing says hot summer days like an ice cold Coca-Cola. As you may have seen in a recent eNews, this year Coca-Cola is helping your IGA shoppers celebrate summer with a campaign that extends an invitation to "Share a Coke."
  • Congratulating E.C. Porter IGA on 100 Years! by Jim GriffinEarlier this month I had the pleasure of visiting E.C. Porter IGA in London, Ky., to present owner Stuart House with a commemorative plaque celebrating his store's 100th year as a family owned and operated business.
  • Winning with Millennials! by Nicole CollidaMillennials, loosely defined as the children of Baby Boomers, are the most unique and often elusive generation to date. Unlike their Boomer parents, Millennials' size was not fueled by an increase in birth rate as much by an increase in immigration beginning in the 1970's. Not surprisingly, Millennials are the most ethnically diverse generational group in our history.
  • Fresh Ideas for Your NRAB by Archie McGregorRecently IGA CEO Mark Batenic shared some important structural changes to the IGA National Retailer Advisory Board (NRAB) which we feel will help us in our role to champion IGA's retailers and the brand.
  • The New Generation of the Grocery Industry by Peter LarkinAs the new generation of sons and daughters take on leadership roles in the family supermarket business, they will face an array of different challenges and opportunities than their parents. Here are five likely trends that will impact food retailing in the years ahead.
  • Huntingburg IGA Hosts a Successful FIFA SALE-a-bration by Jeremy ThyenRed Oval partners Coca-Cola and Nabisco teamed up with select IGA Licensed Distribution Companies to increase sales around the FIFA World Cup international soccer event. Today Jeremy Thyen of Huntingburg IGA shares how the event delivered results in his store.
  • Driving Baby Boomer Sales by Nicole CollidaIn a two-part Independent View series, Nielsen addresses marketing to two very different yet equally important generational groups: Baby Boomers and Millennials. Today, Nelsen's Nicole Collida begins with Baby Boomers.
  • June Dairy Month Makes a Big Impact! by Heidi HuffNational Dairy Month has come and gone, but not without making a big impression on IGA shoppers. That's all thanks to help from new Red Oval partner Midwest Dairy and national strategic partner USDA's, who teamed up with us to create a fun web resource to add to what you were already doing to promote Dairy Month in your stores!
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