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  • Webstop's New Ad Trial Makes Digital Marketing Easy by Shawn TuckettAs your Red Oval Partner for all things related to grocery websites, it's our goal to provide you with the tools and resources you need to connect online with today's shoppers. Through our four-year partnership with IGA, Webstop has successfully launched over 800 of the industry's most advanced websites and mobile sites for IGA retailers.
  • Congratulating Tim Henderson—2014 Spirit of America Award Winner! by Ricky St. JohnAt the recent Nebraska Grocery Industry Association (NGIA) annual conference and legislative dinner at the Cornhusker Marriott in Lincoln, Neb., IGA retailer Tim Henderson was recognized with the 2014 Spirit of America Award.
  • Getting Your Voice Heard at Day in Washington! by Jennifer HatcherI got a call from IGA owner/operator, Henry Johnson in Lake City, S.C., whose opinion I value and take to heart. Henry was understandably upset that he had to pay his accountants twice in 2014—once at the end of his fiscal year and again last week to reflect the changes implemented after Congress approved the 2014 tax the last two weeks of 2014!
  • What's New for Administrators with the Institute's New System by Ana VelázquezThe Institute's new Learning Management System includes a whole host of new features that make it an all-around simpler and more advanced system for learning. So why are we so excited to share with you the improvements to the administration side of the system? Because the success of any online training program rests with the administrators of the team, whether those administrators are the storeowners, manager or human resources supervisors.
  • What's New for Students with the Institute's New System by Ana VelázquezWe at the IGA Coca-Cola Institute began working last year on a new Learning Management System (LMS) for Institute courses that provides a better way to find courses, see team progress, generate reports in an easier way, and facilitate the management of team learning.
  • Gaining Shopper Support for IGA Hometown Label Savers by Megan TracyIt's hard to believe it's been a year since IGA launched its first-ever labels-for-cash initiative, IGA Hometown Label Savers. In that year IGA retailers have made great strides to support their communities and the organizations that make them a better place to live.
  • Health and Wellness in Action at the Global Rally by Kim KirchherrHow do you define health and wellness? Would your answer be the same now as it would have been 20 years ago or 20 years from now? As a business, we are challenged today to help reconcile all the ways people define health and wellness, because it can impact purchasing decisions.
  • Developing a Learning Culture with the IGA Institute by Paulo GoelzerChange is constant, and as a result, we must always be changing the learning environment we provide IGA retailers, managers and employees. Doing so allows them to have the up-to-date tools and resources they need to develop productive learning cultures within IGA stores.
  • Taking Advantage of Your ARAMARK Rental Program by Scott KozelkaWhen thinking of the IGA brand, three words jump to the forefront: quality, trust and community.
  • IGA Congratulates Barbara Wiest: WGA Woman of the Year by Mark BatenicBack at the beginning of the year, I shared with you that IGA's Barbara Wiest, a 34-year member of our IGA corporate team and our current IGA vice president of Communications and Administration, was to be honored as the Women Grocers of America (WGA) Woman of the Year (WOTY) at the 2015 NGA Show during the Chairman's Dinner and Gala.
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