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IGA Communities Came Out Strong in Support of IGA’s Wounded Warrior Project® Event

IGA retailers across the country went above and beyond to get the word out about the important mission of Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) to honor and empower Wounded Warriors, and IGA communities have answered the call. Read on for just a few of the many examples of community support from across the country.


McMaken's IGA  
Brookville, OH

McMaken’s IGA has been a strong supporter of the IGA Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) program since the program began five years ago. Recently, store owner Bill Price decided to take it a step further by incorporating WWP fundraising into his annual Price Charity Golf Classic. The golf classic has become a tradition for the store—everyone who has worked with McMaken’s IGA over the year is invited to play a round of golf and socialize to raise money to benefit a designated charity. For the last two years, that cause has been WWP, and the store has been able to donate $5,000 each year to WWP from the tournament proceeds. The golfers in attendance have feel great about participating in the event, and so have the employees who come to lend a hand throughout the day 

Adam's IGA  
12 stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts & Rhode Island 

Adam’s IGA’s 12 store locations joined together to host a number of fundraisers in support of IGA’s Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) program. First, they ran a pinup program, where every time a customer donated to WWP, they could hang a pinup sign somewhere in the store. From there they spread out fundraisers throughout all of their stores based on space and time, hosting a minimum of two smaller fundraisers per month—like ice cream socials and barbeques—all summer long. With just with those small events and the pin-up program, the shoppers of Adam’s IGA were able to raise more than $14,600 for WWP!

Jay's IGA  
Alma, GA

Jay’s IGA has always made a point to show support for its country as well as the men and women who serve, and this summer was no different. The store is fortunate to have a number of veterans in the community, so it only made sense that they would host an event in their honor. Using IGA-branded hotdogs the store hosted a successful cookout, with all proceeds going towards a donation to Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). In addition to the cook-out and camaraderie, Jay’s IGA also rallied the local Boy Scout Troop, who helped to collect and properly retire American flags for local business. It was a memorable and patriotic day for all.

Thompson's IGA  
Cuba City, WI

Thompson's IGA hosted a special cook-out to raise awareness and funds for WWP. Working with various community members, Thompson's IGA had military speakers from the local VFW, the American Legion, and the national chapter of WWP, as well as a color guard presentation from the Knight of Columbus all at his weekend event. Additionally, a local school agreed to bring kids to the event to learn more about military service. By the end of the day, more than 100 people had attended te cook-out and $1,300 was raised for WWP.

Thompson's IGA slideshow 12-7-14

Susanville IGA  
Susanville, CA

Susanville IGA hosted a WWP fundraiser in conjunction with their annual Hometown Fest event. Tons of businesses and community leaders wanted to be involved, so this year the event included face painting, pony rides, a healthy kids booth, a demonstration on how to milk a cow and turn it into gourmet cheese and a number of raffles sponsored by IGA Red Oval partners. On the day of the event, Susanville IGA had donation buckets everywhere and let shoppers know that all money collected would be donated to WWP and at the end of the day, they collected more than $1,700! 

Susanville Supermarket IGA

Isom IGA  
Isom, KY

Isom IGA collaborated with a local veterans center to raise awareness and funds for both WWP and the Hazard, KY Veterans Home. They planned a full-day event including a meet and greet where shoppers could honor the veterans in their community as well as a cook-out using IGA-WWP branded hot dogs and buns. In total, 500 people showed up for the event and more than $4,500 was raised.

Isom IGA

Hogue's IGA  
Bellevue, OH

In 2013, Hogue's IGA hosted their fifth annual Father's Day car show where a portion of all sales of IGA Exclusive Brand bottled water, hotdog and hamburger buns, and ice cream went to support WWP. New this year additional funds were raised through a required $5 registration fee per car and sales of 50/50 raffle tickets for prizes donated by her vendors. As a result, Hogue's IGA raised about $1,000 for WWP. Additionally, Hogue's IGA was named winner in the Merchandising Category Winner for Best Public Service or Charitable Cause Event in the 2014 Creative Choice Awards.

Reedsburg IGA  
Reedsburg, WI

In 2013, Reedsburg IGA held a one-day cook-out in their store parking lot in support of WWP. Members of the local National Guard unit attended and brought along with them a rock climbing wall and Humvee. By the end of the day they had over 1,500 people in their parking lot and sold about 150 cases of WWP-branded water, over 250 packages of buns and 50 half gallons of ice cream.

Le Roy IGA  
Le Roy, IL

Le Roy IGA hosted the Illinois Fallen Heroes Traveling Memorial Wall with picture of Illinois soldiers that were killed in war since 2001 for a fundraising cook-out in 2013. All of the food was donated and the store chipped in IGA Brand WWP water. In the end they were able to raise more than $1,500 for WWP -- and that's in addition to all the IGA WWP Brand products they moved throughout the course of the day!

Mahomet IGA  
Mahomet, IL 

In 2012, Mahomet IGA held a huge military-themed event for the Mahomet community, with appearances from the Illinois Moving Memorial Wall, local Patriot Guard, Gold Star Mothers, a U.S. Senator and Congressman, and a Blackhawk helicopter. The store also sold "Believe in Heroes" ribbons with all proceeds going to WWP.

Mahomet IGA Image 2012

Rushford IGA
Rushford, MN

In 2012, Rushford IGA built a WWP-themed float with an American flag and lots of WWP posters featuring the stories of injured service members. The float got a lot of mileage over the summer, hitting a half a dozen parades in total.

Rushford Image 2012 WWP

Baker's IGA
Coshocton, Ohio

In 2012, Baker’s IGA added a military theme to their annual anniversary celebration, where World War II veteran and store founder Ed Baker made an appearance. They also had military vehicles on display and a tractor-trailer full of IGA Brand WWP water, which they sold directly out of the back of the truck.

Bakers IGA Image 2012

Susanville Supermarket IGA
Susanville, CA

Susanville Supermarket IGA used their annual Hometown Fest celebration to raise money for WWP in 2012. They held kid-friendly activities throughout the day, booked the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile for an appearance, and raffled off six Giants tickets—raising more than $1700 that they donated back to WWP!

Susanville IGA 2012

Kishman's IGA
Minerva, OH

Worked with a local spokesman for WWP to create a WWP-themed float and booth for their annual Homecoming parade in 2011. The community was thrilled with the new partnership between IGA and WWP, and made this event one of the most popular and heartwarming things Kishman's IGA has done to date.

Bailey's IGA
Sanibel, FL

In 2011, Bailey's IGA used a 1943 Ford manufactured Army Jeep in their store to raise awareness of WWP and sell IGA Brand water. The display was a hit with shoppers, and to increase their store's impact, Bailey's IGA matched all donations for WWP water sales.