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The IGA Advantage: Together We Are Better

Author: Mark Batenic

Mark BatenicIndependent grocers are innovative entrepreneurial business owners who want to see their family businesses, their employees and their communities thrive--both now and in the future. But with fierce competition, emerging formats, complex regulations, expensive technology, and a host of other issues in play, being an independent in today's market is no easy task--especially for those who try to go it alone.

It may seem a bit contrary to the nature of "independence" that one independent grocer can become stronger from working with other independent grocers, but that's exactly what needs to happen if entrepreneurial, family-owned grocery businesses are to remain successful. The good news is that it is happening for retailers in the IGA family. Those IGA retailers recognize that linking together interdependently doesn't mean giving up the independence that makes you unique, it simply means gaining strength in combined knowledge and number. That's how IGA founder J. Frank Grimes envisioned IGA when he created the brand to give independents equal footing against the chains. Now more than 90 years later, that's how it remains.

Yes, the grocery business is evolving, but IGA's long history shows us that retailers who stand together in this Alliance will come out on top--just like more than 5,000 IGA retailers who are competing and winning across the U.S. and around the world each and every day.

So I invite you to take a look around this website to learn about the relationships and resources available to you through the IGA Brand and let us show you why it's such a great time to be IGA!

Mark Batenic

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