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IGA and Super J Rodney Bay...A Winning Combination for St. Lucia

Author: Andre Chastanet

The Independent View

 Andre Chastanet

IGA Awards of Excellence Perspective


April 14, 2010

In preparation for the 2010 IGA Global Summit Awards of Excellence Dinner Ceremony on Monday, April 19 at the IGA Global Summit in Nashville, Tenn., the remaining Perspectives this week will come from our three IGA International Retailers of the Year. Today Andre Chastanet, who was chosen as IGA Caribbean International Retailer of the Year, explains why IGA is important to his retailing success.

Being IGA means community first. Our customers appreciate the fact that Super J IGA stores contribute time and money to a whole range of social issues such as youth development, sports, health and wellness and environment. They understand that with our team members actively volunteering and participating in these causes, we are investing in their well-being and building the community and the country.

It's also exciting how The IGA Promise of a personalized customer experience has brought new life and meaning to the way our team view themselves, their work and the career possibilities of the industry. Every employee at Super J IGA has been issued with a wallet sized version of The IGA Promise. Armed with this "work tool," each employee helps to bring a local flavor to the global brand that is IGA. Combine that enthusiasm with use of the IGA Coca-Cola institute's training opportunities, and this translates into a team member who is motivated by endless possibilities of providing personalized service in a growing retail environment.

Super J IGA is the only store on the island that can carry the IGA Brand. That in itself is a major point of differentiation, which we maximize to the benefit of our customers. Apart from promoting the private label as a quality affordable product, we include it in many of our in store promotions. Then there is a section of our Weekly Specials advertisement specifically for IGA products. So when our customers pick up our flyer every week, the IGA label is there prominent all the time.

Together these IGA benefits have had a profound impact on the overall image and identity of our stores and have helped to grow our overall business. No doubt Super J and IGA are a winning combination—one that we Promise to enhance every day.


Andre Chastanet
2010 IGA Caribbean International Retailer of the Year 
Super J Rodney Bay IGA
Castries, St. Lucia