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Customer Service is Key at Norwood Foodland IGA

Author: John Chapley

The Independent View


IGA Awards of Excellence Perspective


April 16, 2010

In preparation for the 2010 Awards of Excellence Dinner Ceremony on Monday, April 19 at the IGA Global Rally, IGA Australia International Retailer of the Year John Chapley explains how IGA contributes to his retailing success.

The IGA Brand is really important to us because it gives us the structure and resources we need to be competitive in Australia's aggressive grocery industry. With IGA we have the same price structure as the chains, but the fact that we are independent allows us to cater more directly to our customer. But it's more than that even—it's also the fact that people instantly know when they see IGA that they're going to get a good customer experience.

Norwood Foodland IGA is located in an affluent suburb in South Australia, and though the original store was too small to serve the area well, we knew the market had real promise. We expanded the store from 800m2 (8,600 square feet) to 4320m2 (46,500 square feet), equipped it with the latest technology and stocked it with a lot of popular locally grown and Australian-made products. Now the store's retail trading area is much larger, as is our overall customer base. But the way we see it, we could have the best-looking store in Australia, but it would mean nothing without the great customer service that is the hallmark of the IGA Brand.

In our store, the customer really is always right, and we do everything in our power to exceed our customers' expectations at every turn. It's essential, and it's really been the key to the success of this store. That's what IGA is all about, and that's why this great brand is a perfect fit for us.


John Chapley
2010 IGA Australia International Retailer of the Year
John Chapley
Norwood Foodland IGA
Norwood, South Australia