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Congratulations to W. Lee Flowers!

Author: Dr. Tom Haggai

The Independent View

 Tom Haggai

IGA Awards of Excellence Perspective


April 21, 2010

Yesterday IGA CEO Mark Batenic congratulated the 2010 IGA International Retailers of the Year who were honored on Monday at the IGA Awards Ceremony at the Global Rally. And while it was certainly their night, there were some other award-winners we want to congratulate as well, beginning today with W. Lee Flowers, the recipient of the Outstanding Brand Development Award.

Spanky Mathews

IGA's Tom Haggai (far left) and Mark Batenic (far right) present Spanky Mathews, senior vice president of sales, with the Outstanding Brand Development Award at the IGA Global Rally Awards Ceremony.

This special award is presented whenever an IGA member—be it retailer, wholesaler or Red Oval Partner—has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to IGA's brand development anywhere in the world. W. Lee Flowers, which has been an IGA Licensed Distribution Center for 50 years now, was a natural choice. Today every store they serve is a part of the Alliance, and they go the extra mile to make sure the customers of their Georgia, North and South Carolina IGAs see the power of the brand at every turn. From the mud flaps on their trucks to the IGA-branded apparel worn in their stores and warehouses, this company is touting the Red Oval in every possible way.

We thank this company for all it does to serve as a champion of our brand, and wish them 50 more years of success as an IGA LDC.

Yours devotedly,

Tom Haggai
Chairman, IGA INC.