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Hunter IGA Express Launches a Tradition with KidsFest

Author: Vince Vaske

The Independent View


IGA Retailer Best Practices Perspective


June 23, 2010

IGA's 11th annual IGA KidsFest runs July 18 – Aug. 14. Look to this column in the coming weeks to learn first-hand how IGA Retailers are planning to celebrate KidsFest in their communities. Today, Vince Vaske of Hunter IGA Express shares how his store is creating a memorable event for their first-ever KidsFest program.

This is the first year we've had the opportunity to celebrate IGA KidsFest as an IGA store, and we decided to really make it count. In the past, we always had a "Customer Appreciation Day" around this time of year, so it was an easy transition for us to hold an event of this scale—we just geared it more toward kid-friendly activities.

We teamed up with one of our vendors to promote our event on a local radio station with 30-second radio ads, and on the day of our event they're broadcasting live from our parking lot. The station also helped expand our event by arranging for the local chapter of the National Guard to make an appearance and bring a portable rock climbing wall. From there, we reached out to other community organizations—like the local bank, fire department, and police department—all of which said they'd be thrilled to be involved. Now our event has grown to include a fire truck and police cars for kids to explore, a child safety and fingerprinting program, a pet adoption program run by our local Paws chapter, and much more.

The whole town is excited about the event, and it's really rewarding to see our promotional signs posted all over town. Truly we can't wait to start our community's KidsFest tradition!


Vince Vaske
Hunter IGA Express
Franklin, OH
Serviced by: Laurel Grocery Company