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Mt. Plymouth Rolls out all the Stops for KidsFest

Author: Nisha Patel

The Independent View


IGA KidsFest Perspective


August 3, 2010

IGA's 11th annual IGA KidsFest runs July 18 – August 14, 2010. Look to upcoming Perspectives to learn first-hand how IGA Retailers are planning to celebrate KidsFest in their communities. Today, Nisha Patel of Mt. Plymouth IGA shares how she is making her event bigger, better and more impactful than ever before.

Two years ago our store held its first KidsFest event with a very small-scale carnival/block party theme featuring kid-friendly summertime activities like face painting and sand art. While the event was a good start, we've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't since then, and we're getting ready to make our upcoming KidsFest 2010 event the best yet!

Mt. Plymouth KidsFest

For this year's event we're again planning an outdoor carnival-type theme, but we are going bigger and better than before. We will hold plenty of competitions, including a three-legged race, and egg and spoon relay, a hula hoop competition and a ring toss. We're also doing more "carnival" types of things, like face painting, a bounce castle and a dunk tank.

But the event isn't all fun and games. Since the start of school is just around the corner, we worked with local businesses to put together a free backpack filled with school supplies for each child attending our Kidsfest event. And though it might be more popular with the parents than the kids, we'll also have a barber there giving kids free back to school haircuts. To round out the event we'll have both our local fire department and our police department on hand for demonstrations, to talk about keeping kids off drugs and away from violence with DARE awareness, and creating kids' IDs.

Finally, we wanted to add a component into the event that would help our community. We saw in a past Independent View Perspective that some IGA Retailers were donating bags of food directly to community members in need. We thought this was a great idea, so during our KidsFest event we're going to make up IGA Foods bags and give them to local churches to handout to needy families.

We've had a great time planning and now everyone is excited to bring on the festivities!


Nisha Patel
Mt. Plymouth IGA
Mt. Plymouth, FL
Serviced by: Ira Higdon Grocery Company