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Making a Difference through Sincere Service to Others

Author: Brooks Marsh

The Independent View

    Brooks Marsh

IGA USA International Retailer of the Year Perspective


 December 7, 2011 

I was 15 when I started my career with IGA as a bag boy in a Montana store. That was 37 years ago, but the philosophy that I developed back then has stuck with me ever since. For me, sincerely serving others is the foundation of my life success. I carried that philosophy with me during those early days and throughout my career working in IGA distribution with SUPERVALU. Now today as an IGA owner it's truer than ever.

You hear IGA retailers say this all the time, but I really do feel blessed to have the opportunity to do this job. Serving our customers and our community with a Hometown Proud mindset has become a way of life for all of us here at Mahomet IGA. The words on our store mark really say it all: At our store we promise "Fresh Foods, Good Values, Family Tradition." Everything we do, we do with these tenants of Hometown Proud service in mind, and the reward that we get from that goes far beyond a paycheck. We really are most rewarded by the individuals and small groups we touch through sincere service and support.

Mahomet IGA

Whether it's honoring our community's veterans with a weeklong tribute, sponsoring events and programs for the six schools in our area, or just donating flowers to the local retirement communities, we've always tried to instill our belief in sincere service in our employees by leading by example. Nothing is more rewarding to me than when an employee gets it and instinctively goes the extra mile. It can be something as small as delivering an order to a homebound shopper or as big as coming up with an idea to help a community member in need. Either way, it proves that our employees understand what Mahomet IGA is all about.

It's true that service doesn't always come with public acknowledgement, but it does always come with a community connection. Year after year, we've seen our generosity breed generosity within the community. When that happens it's the ultimate reward because I know that we're doing more than selling groceries—we're making a real difference in people's lives.

Thank you,

Brooks Marsh
2012 IGA USA International Retailer of the Year
Mahomet IGA
Mahomet, IL
LDC: SUPERVALU INC., Champaign Division