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Building the Brand and the Business with IGA in China

Author: Shiquan Shen & Su Xi

The Independent View


Building the Brand and the Business with IGA in China


 February 6, 2012 

In preparation for next week's 2012 Awards of Excellence Banquet at the IGA Global Rally in Las Vegas, The Independent View today profiles IGA China International Retailers of the Year Shiquan Shen and Su Xi. Read on to learn why these first-ever IGA China award winners believe IGA is important to their retailing success.

For Xiya Homay Commercial Co., Ltd., joining IGA is a milestone event. IGA to us is not just a logo, but a brand honored by our employees, customers, suppliers and community. By joining IGA, we are given the opportunity to participate in building up this glorious brand in China, an emerging market with over a billion consumers.

True to the core values of IGA, we put the customer at the center of everything we do at Xiya. In China, a country ravaged by famine for ages, we have an old saying that "nothing is more important than feeding people." Today, food is no longer in short supply, but food safety is on everyone's mind. As grocers, we strive to provide our customers with foodstuffs that are both safe and healthy. Our vegetables and fruits are sourced from origins of production. And our meat is subjected to the strictest inspection. Not surprisingly, our stores are given high scores in the annual IGA China Five-Star Assessment.

We want our customers to be satisfied, loyal and engaged. For that purpose, we must engage our employees. For the young men and women working at Xiya, we provide not just a job, but a career. We rank number one among IGA China companies in using IGA-Coca Cola Institute's on-line training.

In collaboration with IGA Red Oval partners, we are pioneering a win-win supplier-retailer relationship. We help suppliers make money, and in turn they help us learn their way of running a successful business using category management, consumer insight, logistics and supply chain management.

We owe our business success not only to our own hard work, but also to the support of our community. We think it is time we pay back. Our contributions to orphanages, the elderly, "Hope Schools", earthquake victims and all kinds of charitable causes give us more sense of purpose and achievement than simply amassing wealth. Giving makes us truly "hometown proud."

We have had the honor of adding luster to the IGA brand and will continue to do so for years to come.

Thank you.

Shiquan Shen & Su Xi