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IGA Family, Friends & Food

Author: Heidi Huff

The Independent View

Heidi Huff 2012

IGA Family, Friends & Food is Almost Here!  

 August 20, 2012 


Family, Friends and Food...no doubt, these are three of the most important things in life. When you have family around you, friends to rely on and food to share, what else do you need? With fall just around the corner, so are great gatherings with family and friends. And with IGA's last community marketing event of the year (running September through December), your shoppers can celebrate from the beginning of fall all the way through the end of the year! Fall football tailgating, pumpkin patch picnics, apple picking, bonfires, holiday parties, gift exchanges—with Family, Friends & Food you can help your shoppers get ready for it all.

Below is a checklist to make sure both you and your shoppers are getting the most out of the Family, Friends & Food event:

  • Direct your shoppers to iga.com beginning next week for resources that involve your community in the event, and to register for the national sweepstakes.

  • Promote the sweepstakes with tools from the Alliance site, including the Family, Friends & Foodglider for the homepage of your IGALink website.

  • Ramp up excitement by adding your own spin on the event. Use your 2012 Community Event Planner for ideas and be sure to refer back to The Independent View and the Alliance site during the event timeframe to read "best practices" from your fellow retailers.

  • Check with your Licensed Distribution Center/Ad Planner regarding the dates for your Family, Friends & Food ad promotion.

And remember, we want to hear about your event. Email me details, photos and stories and you could be chosen to share your Family, Friends & Food "best practices."

Happy planning, and as always, don't hesitate to contact me should you have questions about this or any other event.

Thank you,

Heidi Huff