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Are You Taking Advantage of all Your IGALink Media Platform Has to Offer?

Author: Rebecca Hemphill

The Independent View

Rebecca Hemphill

Are You Taking Advantage of all Your IGALink Media Platform Has to Offer?  

 October 23, 2012 


IGALink offers two great options for IGA retailers to feature their weekly ads online. There's the Interactive Digital Ad, which is the most full-featured ad available to shoppers in today's digital world, and the no-cost Basic Digital Ad, which allows IGA retailers to feature their weekly specials online no matter the size of their budget.

With two great options available it's not surprising that so many IGA retailers are making the decision to incorporate their ad into their IGALink websites and mobile sites. So what's the next element to concentrate on in your digital media platform? The answer is simple: Grocery Newsletters. Weekly email campaigns and online weekly ads go hand-in-hand, and your IGALink Grocery Newsletter feature was designed specifically for your needs as an independent IGA retailer. With only a little bit of effort, this easy to use, very low cost program (starting at $35/mo. for unlimited sending) allows you to get your store's information directly to your shoppers' inboxes every week!

To get started, we recommend having an in-store email registration drive where your cashiers encourage shoppers to fill out email registration cards upon checkout. Once you have the shopper data, all you need to do is enter the shopper information into your IGALink Administration Customer Accounts section and you're ready to begin sending email newsletters. Use this great feature to reach out to your shoppers to promote specials featured in your weekly digital ad; other digital shopper tools like coupons, recipes and shopping list features; in-store events; sweepstakes opportunities...pretty much anything that shoppers should know about their Hometown Proud IGA!

Here's what two IGA retailers had to say about the benefits of grocery newsletters:

"Within the first week of advertising our new IGALink website, we had over 100 new shopper registrations. And after sending our first grocery newsletter, we had over 130 more website visits than the previous week!"

- Crystal Welch, Honey's IGA of Vale

"These days shoppers want grocery newsletters—in fact, they expect them! With our email newsletters we're able to advertise not only the weekly specials, but also in-store and community events. We've seen great success with our newsletters and are able to reach a large number of our customers!"

- Kathy Lower, Henderson's IGA

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Kind regards,

Rebecca Hemphill