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Introducing Your Interactive, Multi-Course Produce Library!

Author: The IGA Coca-Cola Institute Team

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Introducing Your Interactive, Multi-Course Produce Library!  

 November 1, 2012 


The recent 2012 Food & Health Survey analyzing consumer attitudes toward food safety, nutrition and health found that nearly all Americans are trying to improve at least one of their eating habits, but many consumers acknowledge that it can be hard to know what to believe about ever-changing nutrition information. One thing that all health-conscious consumers seem to understand, however, is the importance of incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into their diet.

With interest in fresh, healthy produce on the rise, the IGA Coca-Cola Institute is meeting your produce training needs by developing a full produce library. Currently this library contains six fruit-focused courses, including apples, bananas, grapes, melons, pears, and strawberries. Each course covers history, health benefits, varieties (including description, look and taste), handling, storing and merchandising.

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As an added benefit, these 30-minute courses are designed for produce clerks and other associates who wish to expand their produce knowledge. These courses are also the first in a new generation of interactive courses to feature all-audio, animation and student interactions.

For more information about the produce courses or any question about the Institute, contact us at igainstitute@igainc.com or 1-800-321-5442.

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