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Turn to FMI for the Food Safety Resources You Need!

Author: Hilary Thesmar

The Independent View


Turn to FMI for the Food Safety Resources You Need!  

 November 5, 2012 


The nation's leading food retailers take great pride in providing the safest food in the world to their customers each and every day. By keeping a promise of quality and service, the industry continues to engage with not only government agencies at the federal, state and local levels, but most importantly with the men and women in the stores and warehouses who represent our products. With this in mind, FMI has created a multitude of best practice guides, publications, and events to help maintain this customer promise.

Recognizing that recalls and food safety events are an ever-present fact for manufacturers and retailers, our industry asserts its oversight in how to handle these challenges through proactive communication, and proper handling and sanitation at the retail level.

FMI.org is already home to a collection of free resources on a variety of topic areas. These references are for retailers to download and adopt in-store, or customize to an already existing plan. Topics include:

  • Guidance for Food Retail: Product Recalls: Created by SAGE Food Safety Consultants, this guide provides step-by-step instructions for retailers to implement a clear, transparent and swift recall plan.

  • Sample Ground Meat Record for Retail Stores: In addition to USDA FSIS "Sanitation Guidance for Meat Grinders," FMI prepared a simple chart that includes the required recordkeeping information, mandated by USDA.

  • Certified Food Protection Managers and Food Safety Training Best Practice Guide: After the approved FMI Board of Directors policy statement, FMI outlined the best practices in food safety training and certification in conjunction with the SafeMark program.

Finally, to give our retailers an all-encompassing look at the food safety system, FMI and the National Grocers Association (N.G.A.) is hosting the Retail Food Safety Forum Nov. 5–6 in Cincinnati, Ohio. This comprehensive program is conveniently paired with the annual Safety Quality Food International Conference, providing our members a broad outlook on the world's food supply. At the Forum, retailers, wholesalers, suppliers and distributors gather to discuss high-level issues from Food Safety Modernization Act and risk communication to on-the-ground store implementation for recalls, produce safety, meat safety and training procedures. Stay tuned to The Independent View for more information about topics discussed during this conference.

Recalls are a reality in our industry, but food safety remains a priority for all of us as the front-line for the consumer. Out of this commitment, FMI will continue to build programs and tools to strengthen food retailers' support systems. Just as food retailers deliver on promises to their customers, so do the organizations that represent your proud businesses.

Thank you,

Hilary Thesmar