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Congratulations! Your IGA Alliance Donated More Than $265,000 to Wounded Warrior Project®!

Author: Dr. Tom Haggai

The Independent View

Tom Haggai

Congratulations! Your IGA Alliance Donated More Than $265,000 to Wounded Warrior Project®!  

 November 15, 2012 


This past Monday we celebrated Veterans Day, taking part in an annual reminder that always creates a renewed appreciation and admiration for those who have given so much for our freedom. And yet, all too often we forget that there are soldiers right now returning home from war with broken bodies and spirits, and without the resources and support they need to find their way within the communities they love.

That's why IGA's annual Exclusive Brand promotion supporting Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) is so important, and why it was such a privilege for me yesterday to be on hand to present a more than $265,000 donation to WWP on your behalf!

WWP IGA 2012 Donation
Left to right: Brea Kratzert (WWP), Heidi Huff (IGA USA), Jim Tanasse (Kraft Foods), Ellen Weber (IGA USA), Dr. Tom Haggai (IGA, INC), Regenia Stein (Kraft Foods), Michael Dallo (Mercado Foodland IGAs), Doug Dallo (Mercado Foodland IGAs), John Sullivan (WWP)

Our IGA Alliance went above and beyond to make the 2012 IGA Exclusive Brand promotion benefiting WWP a huge success. Our IGA authorized wholesalers all across the country got on board to supply IGA retailers with WWP IGA water, hot dog and hamburger buns. Then those same retailers took advantage of the Kraft portion of the promotion, ordering beverage mixes and water enhancer displays to accompany their IGA WWP water, and earning even more money toward the donation in the process.

But here's the really amazing part: IGA retailers didn't just push the product; they also went out of their way to raise awareness for WWP's mission to honor and empower Wounded Warriors. Throughout the promotion we heard stories of IGA retailers hosting events honoring these brave men and women, and creating additional fundraising opportunities.

We wish all of you who have worked so hard during the promotion could have been with us yesterday to see what your donation means to WWP, and hear from the support it will provide Warriors and family members. This I can tell you—everyone at both IGA and WWP is profoundly thankful to IGA retailers, wholesalers, IGA Exclusive Brand suppliers and Red Oval Partner Kraft Foods for all you have done for this program.

Well done, IGA Alliance! You have once again shown us what it really means to be Hometown Proud.

Yours Devotedly,

Tom Haggai

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IGA Retailers: Visit the Alliance site for tools to help you get the word out about IGA's WWP donation.