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Congratulations to IGA's Heidi Huff on Her Promotion!

Author: Doug Fritsch

The Independent View

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Congratulations to IGA's Heidi Huff on Her Promotion!  

 November 28, 2012 


 We often use the IGA Perspective column to tout the accomplishments of our members, and today I have the pleasure of sharing some news about one of

Heidi Huf IV 2012 our IGA Corporate team. Heidi Huff, manager of Marketing & Retail Programs at IGA USA, has been promoted to director of Marketing for IGA USA, effective immediately.

Heidi's primary responsibility will remain IGA's marketing event programs, and she will continue to have intimate involvement in other marketing and retail initiatives, including the IGA Assessment program and the IGALink digital media platform. Heidi will also take an expanded role in her involvement with IGA's Red Oval Family of premier CPG companies and service providers, working directly with IGA vice president of Branding Development Jim Walz and Red Oval Family partners to create new ways to connect with IGA's independent retailers and their shoppers.

Heidi has done an outstanding job of creating a "community-focused" marketing program that is a foundation piece for IGA retailers, providing them the tools to better create a point of difference in the communities they serve. Her enthusiasm in support of independent retailers and her passion for the IGA Brand is well known, and we look forward to having her apply her many talents toward building an even better and more effective IGA Marketing program for all members.

Congratulations, Heidi!


Doug Fritsch