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Putting Employees First Creates a Team You can Depend On!

Author: Jeff Zollpriester

The Independent View

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Putting Employees First Creates a Team You can Depend On!  

 December 3, 2012 


My first real job was working as a produce clerk at a Supervalu store when I was 17 years old. I stuck with it and worked my way up, managing just about every part of the business before I became an IGA retailer 25 years ago. If there's one thing I learned from that experience, it's that the success of a grocery store is not only about sales and profits, it's also about the relationships developed along the way. And for me, the most important relationship is the one I have with my employees.

You hear store owners say over and over again that the customer has to come first. The way I see it, the owner has to put the employees first, nurturing them and helping them become true stewards of the business. When you do, those employees begin to take ownership in the business and build relationships where they put the shopper first; that's when you start to see your business become truly successful.

So really, it all comes down to helping your employees learn and grow, and that's a big part of what we get from IGA. The IGA Coca-Cola Institute's blended training program uses both online training and classroom training to develop employee skills, and that has been a winning combination for us. There's always something new to be learned, and we find that the more involved our employees get with Institute courses and classes, the more comfortable and confident they become in doing their jobs and connecting with customers.

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Our employees give their very best each and every day because they know that if we all consistently operate at a high level we are all going to be a part of truly successful team. It's a fantastic feeling to know that we can depend on each other, and because of the great relationship we have, shoppers can depend on Quality Foods IGA.


Jeff Zollpriester