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The Road to Retail Greatness

Author: Michael Sansolo

The Independent View

Michael Sansolo

The Road to Retail Greatness  

 December 12, 2012 


The end of each year gets us thinking about those resolutions we made nearly 12 months ago...and managed to abandon along the way. Each year countless people make resolutions to lose weight, eat better and exercise daily, yet end the year in exactly the same physical shape.

As doctors and advice-dispensers remind us, the problem is the goals are too big. Rather than pledge to lose 50 pounds, try to lose five. Instead of aiming to run a marathon, simply walk 30 minutes each day. Make your goals attainable and once you get those five pounds try for five more. Step by step you can make big gains.

IGA retailers are wise to remember that advice as they think about the year that's ending and the new one to come. Because this is as good a time as any to set goals for 2013, just make them achievable.

Look at your store and think of some small improvements you need to make. You can't turn your store into Whole Foods overnight, but maybe this is the year for a fresh paint job or new lighting.

Think in small pieces about the additional training you'd like to give your staff. Maybe 2013 is the year you send one or two people to some of those great classes from the IGA Coca-Cola Institute or get your employees enrolled in more online training.

Consider your shoppers and how they are changing. Think of one or two changes in their habits that you can satisfy without radical changes that alienate your regular shopper base. You can't stand still, but you don't have to sprint wildly.

Lastly, think of all the articles that appeared in this space recently about IGA International Retailers of the Year Finalists. Sure, being an International Retailer of the Year is your goal too, but again, none of those legacies were built in one year. Start now making the changes you need and eventually you too can be the envy of the IGA world.

The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. Start thinking of those first steps you need to take.


Michael Sansolo