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A Little IGALink Effort Goes a Long Way for Tryon IGA

Author: Casey West

The Independent View


A Little IGALink Effort Goes a Long Way for Tryon IGA  

 December 19, 2012 


When our store owner asked me back in August if I would like to manage our IGALink website, I was a little apprehensive—honestly I didn't know anything about websites at the time—but I told him I would be happy to learn. From there I took a couple of training courses offered by Webstop and through the IGA Coca-Cola Institute, and realized that just the little I knew from working on computers in school was all the computer skill I would need. I played around with the site and it was so easy that I was creating new images and gliders and posting content in no time.

Right before the holiday season we really started pushing the website in store. I sketched up a design for a promotional bag stuffer and gave it to MDI, our wholesaler. They printed up the flyers for us and in October, cashiers handed out over 5,000 of these bag stuffers. Now that the holiday season is here, we are seeing the rewards of our efforts; the traffic to our website has increased 64 percent in the last month, and we really have the process down for keeping our shoppers coming back.

Everyone wants the best prices, and while shoppers can turn to the newspaper for sales, it's cheaper and more efficient to just pull something up online. That's why we made sure to post our weekly ad and draw attention to the print-at-home coupons, and why I also like to feature two sale items each week in our gliders. Because our store is known for our meat department, one of those items is always meat. For the other, I just try and post the deal that will get shoppers most excited.

Since we really started promoting our website, we have seen a significant increase in first-time shoppers and a 2-3 percent increase in weekly sales. Now that our shoppers are using the site, I just make sure to set aside some time each week to plan what I will post and when. For something that doesn't take that much time, it sure has made a big difference for the store!


Casey West