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IGALink: A Year in Review

Author: Jim Walz

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Jim Walz
IGALink: A Year in Review  

 January 3, 2013 


IGALink is a young program, but in 2012 we had some big results! Since our first major milestone—the launch in July 2011 that gave every IGA USA retailer a web presence for the first time in IGA's history—IGALink has continued to drive progress with innovative program additions and accomplishments that are putting IGA retailers ahead of the game in the digital world.

Here are our Top 5 milestones of 2012:

1. Building the Brand with National Advertising

  • The iconic IGA logo, along with individual IGA retailers' identities, is now being advertised in IGA communities across the country with millions of impressions in digital media, the fastest growing media today.

2. Increasing IGA Retailers' Connection with their Shoppers

  • 3,393,833 total page views on IGALink websites in 2012

  • 677,525 total visits to IGALink websites in 2012

  • 47,000 total individual shoppers registered at IGALink websites in 2012

  • 88,179 individual coupons printed since the launch of the Coupons.com digital coupon program on June 20, 2012

  • Nearly 400,000 page views to retailers online circulars in 2012

3. Leveraging Red Oval Relationships

  • Red Oval Partners are leveraging their logos and sponsorships to help IGA retailers build website traffic and shopper registrations 24/7/365 with sweepstakes, promotions and online coupons.

  • 676,709 shoppers have entered IGA sweepstakes sponsored by Red Oval Partners in 2012

4. Saving Retailers More Money

  • IGA retailers can digitally distribute sales circulars at no cost with the introduction of the "Basic Digital Ad Program" using a PDF of their print ad

5. Demonstrating tangible results

Every day in 2012, thousands of IGA shoppers connected to their local IGA using IGALink websites, and those numbers are set to grow with leaps and bounds in 2013. We appreciate each and every retailer who has gotten behind this program, and promise to do our part by bringing you ever-more progressive digital marketing tools and resources in the coming year. Thank you for your support, suggestions and feedback.


Jim Walz