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Get Ready for Purina MEGA Events in 2013!

Author: Chuck Stiteler

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Get Ready for Purina MEGA Events in 2013!  

 January 4, 2013 


Looking back on 2012, I see many reasons to feel good about IGA and Nestlé Purina. Despite the country's challenging economic circumstance, we have done a great job of working together to get shoppers excited about IGA and to make your IGA stores the shopping destinations of choice for petcare needs.

And here's more great news: We have even BIGGER plans for 2013! This year Purina and IGA have partnered to bring you four Purina MEGA events—all with a distinctive IGA look.

What is a Purina MEGA event and how does it work? It's an integrated campaign that leverages the emotional bond shoppers have with their pets. In short, these events are designed to resonate with the category's most valuable shoppers—the highly involved pet owner.

In 2013 we will feature quarterly, national events with multiple brand support. We will work with IGA and its retailers, using displays, online coupons, and IGA print and digital media to communicate event details and themes, and ensure shoppers are excited about each event.

Our first event begins on January 22, when we take last year's successful free product coupon instant-win game to the next level. Instead of a chance to win one free prize, in 2013 consumers can win a pair of strategically coupled coupons, such as Beneful dog food and Beneful snacks, or wet and dry dog/cat food combinations.

Here's how it will work:

Consumers visit PureLoveForPets.com through IGA.com and IGALink retailer websites to register for a chance to play the instant win game online. Consumers will play an online match game to see if they've won two great free product coupons from Purina. Also new this year: shoppers can now win twice during the promotion instead of just once!

We look forward to this and all the other exciting events throughout the year. Please visit your IGA Alliance site for resources to enhance your IGA shopper experience and help you promote your first event, and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this or any other Purina promotion.

Yours in superior retailing,

Chuck Stiteler