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IGA Retailers Win Big with Arctic Home Displays

Author: Jeff Wunsch

The Independent View

Jeff Wunsch

IGA Retailers Win Big with Arctic Home Displays  

 January 11, 2013 


For the second consecutive year, Coca-Cola partnered with WWF (World Wildlife Fund) during the holiday season to raise awareness and funds to protect the polar bear's shrinking Arctic environment. With over $1.8MM in contributions so far and another $2MM committed from the Coca-Cola Company, I'm pleased to report that our efforts are paying off—and IGA retailers' commitment to the cause is playing an important role!

During the months of November and December, IGA retailers had the opportunity to show their support by entering the IGA Arctic Home display contest for cash incentives. IGA retailers all across the country jumped on board, building displays utilizing the giant 30" plush Coca-Cola polar bear and customized IGA Arctic Home point-of-sale materials. With three categories to enter—including largest display, most creative, and the clearest "call to action"—IGA retailers had plenty of flexibility to create great displays drawing attention to the cause.

We received numerous entries to the contest across all categories, all of which showed IGA retailers' trademark creativity. While we could only pick nine total winners from the numerous entries received, all of the submissions were worthy of recognition in their own right.

And now, drum roll please...CONGRATULATIONS to the following IGA retailers for their winning Arctic Home displays:

  • Largest Display: $1,000 cash incentive

    • First Place: IGA Washington – Washington, IN

    • Second place: Susanville Supermarket IGA – Susanville, CA

    • Third Place IGA Princeton – Princeton, IN

  • Most Creative: $500 cash incentive

    • First Place: Diamond Food Market IGA – Van Alstyne, TX

    • Second Place: IGA Washington – Washington, IN

    • Third Place: Kenny's IGA – Lincoln City, OR

  • Call to Action: $100 cash incentive

    • First Place: Mr. Ed's IGA – Harrisville, MI

    • Second Place: Payless IGA – Wise, VA

    • Third Place: Hannibal Village Market IGA – Hannibal, NY

Just take a look at some of these pictures from our winners and you'll see why I say IGA is a driving force behind Arctic Home's success!

2013 Arctic Home Images

On behalf of Coca-Cola, thank you to all the IGA retailers who participated in the contest and for your continued support.

Warm regards,

Jeff Wunsch