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Buehler's IGAs Team Up to Scan Away Hunger

Author: Craig Knies

The Independent View


Buehler's IGAs Team Up to Scan Away Hunger  

 January 17, 2013 


Giving back to the local communities is very important to the people at the Buehler's IGA stores, and that's especially true in the current economic climate. Right now almost 17 percent of the people in Evansville—including nearly 7,000 children—are living at or below poverty, and many more are food insecure. Our local pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters are reporting record numbers of people requesting emergency food assistance, so this past holiday season Houchens' Buehler's IGA stores decided to do something to help.

After some brainstorming among the Buehler's IGA management teams, they decided to join together with local television station WEVV to raise money with a scan donation program for the Tri-State Food Bank, a local food bank that collects food and donations for organizations in 33 counties of the tri-state area, including nine counties in Indiana.

The process was extremely easy, both for shoppers and the cashiers. Each time a shopper at Buehler's IGA checked out in the month of December, they had the opportunity to donate $1.44 to the Tri State Food Bank by simply adding this small amount of money to their total grocery bill. Each cashier was able to scan a special bar code to quickly and easily add the donation to the customer's grocery bill. WEVV did their part by getting the word out in all the surrounding communities, and in the end, customer support was phenomenal. In total $4,946.40 was raised during the SCAN AWAY HUNGER campaign, and since Tri-State Food Bank is able to see a return of $8.57 for each donated dollar, effectively this was a $42,000 donation to local food efforts!

Tri-State Food Bank IGA 2013

Pictured: Mark Hopf – District Manager, Buehler's IGA
Mary Blair – Executive Director, Tri-State Food Bank
Tim Black – General Manager, WEVV

The drive was a huge success and proved something that IGA retailers know better than anyone in the business: We can make a huge difference when we work together!


Craig Knies