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Digital Ad Distribution Spells Savings for Shaker's Marketplace IGA

Author: Phil Moody

The Independent View


Digital Ad Distribution Spells Savings for Shaker's Marketplace IGA  

 January 22, 2013 


We've always been strategic about our ad distribution, and for good reason. The zip code changes just 500 yards down the street and the next municipality brushes up right against our town, meaning over the years we've had to use five different mailing zones just to reach shoppers within three miles of the store. Getting our ad in front of all those shoppers in and around our county has been great for business, but at the same time, mailing it out has always taken a huge percentage of our advertising budget. That's why in 2009 we decided it was time to update our ad distribution strategy by incorporating digital distribution into the mix.

After lots of research, we devised a five-year strategic plan to reduce our cost of print advertising. From the very beginning we felt that email distribution was the way to go, so we began by putting our efforts behind creating an email list that we could use to distribute our ad. From there, we methodically created a schedule to eliminate print ad distribution in the areas where we had the most email addresses. In that last two and a half years we've dropped our print distribution from 36,000 copies a week to about 10,000 and we have seen a savings in our advertising budget!

And here's the best part: Things are getting even better since we started using IGALink. We're getting our ad out to even more people now that were using the no-cost PDF solution to post our ad on our IGALink website, and IGALink is also making it easier to create special promotions that encourage more email sign ups and higher email open rates. Take our Secret Sales, for example. The only way shoppers can find out about our Secret Sales is on our IGALink website and through our emails, so shoppers are jumping at the chance to register with us online, and then stay in touch through email. And because we no longer have to invest a lot of money on mailing flyers for our Secret Sales, we are able to pass along even greater savings to our shoppers on Secret Sale items. This year we are already planning for 10 different sales!

It's true that finding a way to reduce advertising costs was born out of necessity, but the results we have seen have solidified for us that digital marketing is making us a stronger and better business—both for our existing shoppers and the new ones who like the fact that we're offering more digital connections. It's a winning situation for us in every way!


Phil Moody