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A Year in Review...

Author: Paulo Goelzer, Ph.D.

The Independent View

Paulo Goelzer

A Year in Review...  

 January 23, 2013 


January gives us the opportunity to reflect on the previous year's success. Our team has put in many hours and a great deal of effort to support people development in our retail community. Fortunately, we at the Institute would like to report back that we saw tremendous progress in 2013, ranging from the launch of a new Institute website with better search ability, organization and more languages, to a host of course improvements and expansions.

Online training

The Institute is committed to updating and launching courses every month. We launched 16 brand new courses—putting us over the 100 mark for online courses—and saw substantial improvements to 19 existing courses, including the new produce library, which is now fully narrated, has more animations and interactions, and features improved content overall. This was in addition to the many small updates and corrections we made to existing courses, many of them contributions from our users received through My Tips.

The number of stores using the Institute continued to increase in 2012, while completions and enrollments numbers decreased. The change is due to the successful launch in 2011 of online training programs in China and Poland, which saw over 150,000 completions that year. In 2012 those programs shifted into continued/maintenance mode, which in turn reduced their numbers by a third.

The Institute also branched out to users from around the world by considerably expanding our international libraries with 100 new and updated course translations. Now, courses can be taken in Spanish, Polish, Mandarin, Russian and Portuguese. In fact, 22 percent of our course completions are in non-English language courses.

In 2012 we also started a series of webinars for the online training administrators. The webinars support and expand the administrator role by providing continued education and more control over the training process and the system. The webinars have proved to be an efficient way the get key personnel at stores to maximize the use of the online training.

Classroom training

Our International Supermarket Management Class (ISMC) for 2013 is set for October 7–11 in Atlanta, where we will be offering simultaneous translation in Spanish and Portuguese. We have also redesigned our Retail Executive Leadership Program (RELP). This sold out program will take place this May in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

2013 promises to be another great year for the Institute, and we are excited to be planning for a number of major initiatives, including: proficiency reviews, coaching and mentoring courses, a new edition of the People Development Program, and new position-based curriculums and literature review courses. These achievements are made possible by our many wonderful manufacturing partners, such as The Coca-Cola Company, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Kraft Foods, Nestlé, The J.M. Smucker Company, and Procter & Gamble.


Paulo Goelzer