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IGA Retailers and LDCs Win Big with IGA Days!

Author: Heidi Huff

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Heidi Huff 2012
IGA Retailers and LDCs Win Big with IGA Days!  

 January 30, 2013 

This past October IGA Exclusive Brands kicked off its second annual IGA Days event, complete with big opportunities for IGA shoppers and Alliance members alike. More than 77,000 shoppers registered for the IGA Days sweepstakes on IGA.com and IGALink retailer websites (up 80 percent from the year before), with more than 200 very happy consumer sweepstakes winners taking home some great prizes ranging from IGA Exclusive Brand products to a $2,000 kitchen utensil shopping spree and IGA Exclusive Brand groceries for a year. And now today, we're happy to share with you that IGA retailers and Licensed Distribution Centers were big winners as well! The IGA Days selling event increased sales of IGA Exclusive Brand products on average of 3 percent! 

So which LDC and retailer came out on top as the winners of our IGA Days incentive trip to Chicago? When we compared IGA Exclusive Brand case sales, dollar sales, and use of graphics in weekly ads by LDC for the month of October in both 2011 and 2012, the clear winner was Associated Grocers of Florida with a nearly 50 percent increase in the movement of cases, and an 45 percent increase in dollars sales. And it was AG Florida retailer, Tony Diaz, owner of Price Choice IGA #5, who was the big retailer winner. Through feature and display merchandising support, Tony achieved a 30 percent increase in IGA Exclusive Brand case sales and a 47 percent increase in percentage dollar sales over the previous year for the month of October.

Congratulations to AG Florida and especially to IGA retailer Tony Diaz and his team. Two members of both the AG Florida and Price Choice IGA teams will celebrate with an all-expense-paid trip to the Windy City later this year.


Heidi Huff

IGA Retailers and LDCs: IGA Days will be back this October. Stay tuned to The Independent View for updates in the weeks and months to come, and the meantime, visit the IGA Alliance site to learn more.