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Hershey Welcomes the New Year with New Products for Your Stores

Author: Scott Dunkley

The Independent View

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Hershey Welcomes the New Year with New Products for Your Stores  

 February 01, 2013 

For more than 25 years, Hershey has been an IGA Red Oval partner and a proud supporter of the IGA family. This year promises to be sweeter than ever thanks to a wide range of delicious treats for your IGA shoppers. With flavors for every palate and occasion, your shoppers will have fun in 2013 with a variety of choices, all guaranteed to make for a great tasting year. 

The Hershey Company welcomes the New Year with the launch of BITES candies – bite-sized, unwrapped, soft Jolly Rancher® and Twizzlers® candies in convenient re-sealable stand-up bags. Now available nationally, Jolly Rancher® and Twizzlers® Bites provide incremental opportunities in the hand-to-mouth confection segment by bringing new users to the category.

Consumers love Jolly Rancher® and Twizzlers® candies, and these bite-sized treats are often just what they're looking for when they're in the mood to snack. The new line of Bites candies is perfect for busy lifestyles and is a convenient and mess-free option for snacking on-the-go. The candies come in three 10 oz. varieties: Jolly Rancher® Soft Chewy Bites, Jolly Rancher® Sours Chewy Bites and Twizzlers® Filled Fruity Bites.

And don't forget about marketing for these great new products. The Hershey Company will drive BITES consumer awareness with superior support through dedicated TV advertising, three high value FSIs, and innovative merchandising vehicles that will compel shopper awareness and encourage consumer trial in your store.

For more information about available in-store communications, please contact your local Hershey sales representative. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you to make 2013 an exciting and profitable year for your IGA!

Thank you,

Scott Dunkley