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Congratulations to Our IGA Five Star Retailers!

Author: Doug Fritsch

The Independent View

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Congratulations to Our IGA Five Star Retailers!  

 February 05, 2013 


It is my great pleasure to share with you the IGA USA stores that have achieved IGA Five Star status—the highest level of recognition possible under the IGA Assessment program's rigorous standards.

The Five Star Assessment program aligns a series of in-store appraisals, IGA Coca-Cola Institute training, and online customer feedback to provide a unique "brand-building" tool available only to IGA retailers. These IGA Five Star Retailers have taken full advantage of the Assessment Program resources, making sure that their customers receive an exceptional shopping experience each and every time they enter their local IGA. By consistently delivering on The IGA Promise, one customer at a time, these Five Star IGA Retailers are giving meaning and value to the brand we all share.

I'm pleased to recognize our Five Star Retailers for their accomplishments—and even more important in the long term—to thank them for helping to elevate our IGA brand through this wonderful achievement.


Doug Fritsch