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Saluting "So God Made a Farmer"

Author: Doug Fritsch

The Independent View

Tom Haggai

Saluting "So God Made a Farmer"  

 February 06, 2013 


With a few days separating us from the iconic Game Day that brings all Americans together for a few hours of television viewing each winter, it seems that now everyone has had a chance to pick their favorite commercial of the night. One of the overwhelming front runners is Chrysler's two-minute spot "So God Made a Farmer." This ode to the American farmer featuring the voice of the late Paul Harvey—whose radio show IGA sponsored for a number of years—wasn't necessarily ground breaking, but it did have the perfect combination of warmth, genuine appreciation, and relative restraint in promoting its own brand.

When I first saw the commercial on Game Day, I couldn't help but be reminded of our IGA retailers, who for more than 80 years have been creating true community centers in towns across America and now around the world—often in small farming communities just like the ones depicted in the commercial. For generations now IGA retailers have quietly and unassumingly given back and supported the communities they serve, building them and the people in them up in every way they can.

Today in this simple little message, I had three things really to accomplish. One: I wanted to give accolades to Chrysler for making a truly touching commercial that reminded us, if even for a second, that there are more important things than the pomp and circumstance of the Super Bowl. Two: I wanted to show appreciation for our farmers, and call attention to the fact that for every download and share of this video, the Ram brand will make a donation to Future Farmers of America with the intent of hitting the $1-million mark. And three: I wanted to thank our IGA retailers for all they do each and every day to support the hard working people of their communities.

So even if you've already seen the commercial, I urge you to sit back and enjoy it one more time in the true spirit of appreciation.

IGA Good Farmer 2013  

Yours devotedly,

Tom Haggai