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New IGALink Feature Makes Customizing your Website Even Easier!

Author: Megan Tracy

The Independent View

Mehan Tracy

New IGALink Feature Makes Customizing your Website Even Easier!  

 February 07, 2013 


The first thing a shopper sees when they visit your IGALink website is the name of your store followed by the IGA Red Oval. Representing the community-focused actions of IGAs across the globe, the IGA Red Oval is a recognized symbol of the independent, hometown proud grocery retailer. Just as the IGA Red Oval resonates with shoppers, your unique IGA identity signifies the meaningful connection you've made within your community and with your loyal shoppers. It symbolizes the experience your shoppers have come to expect when they shop with you.

And because in today's marketplace customers often start their shopping trips by first seeing what information your website has to offer, it's important that your website tell your IGA story to remind them of the hometown-proud service that awaits them in-store. That's why today we're introducing a new feature to IGALink: Now you can place your community-recognized store logo, a picture of your store front, a store motto or whatever else distinguishes you in your marketplace at the top of your IGALink website—and in the header of your IGALink grocery newsletters too!

IGA Market Customize

Visit the Alliance site today to learn more about this no-cost customization option. And here's the really great news: It's really as easy as emailing your logo, photo or motto to me at mtracy@igainc.com! I look forward to hearing from you!


Megan Tracy