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IGA & ARAMARK Uniform Services – Delivering the Promise of the Brand

Author: Scott Kozelka

The Independent View

Aramark Uniform 2013

IGA & ARAMARK Uniform Services – Delivering the Promise of the Brand  

 February 08, 2013 


When thinking of the IGA brand, three words jump to the forefront: quality, trust and community. When shoppers enter a store bearing the IGA Red Oval, they know they'll find quality service from trusted employees, along with a community commitment that simply won't be found in a non-IGA store. That's the promise behind the IGA Red Oval logo, and it's that promise—and your efforts to fulfill it—that instill power in both the logo and your brand. And that's precisely why you need to put that highly recognizable and trusted logo in front of shoppers every chance you get—especially on employee uniforms!

As IGA's longtime Red Oval Partner for branded uniforms and apparel, ARAMARK is honored to be trusted to put the IGA logo on the products you buy from us. That is why the ARAMARK-IGA product offering is quality-tested and comes with a 45-day unconditional guarantee. ARAMARK is proud to be IGA and we are committed to fulfilling the promise of the IGA brand. Before we put your name on it, we make sure it is good enough to say IGA.

As we move through 2013, ARAMARK looks forward to continuing to help IGA build the brand. We're excited about bringing to you a number of innovative new fabrics and styles, increased product offerings for your female employees, increased savings with your ARAMARK apparel purchases, and an ARAMARK website exclusively for IGA retailers and LDCs that is constantly updated with new products.IGA Rally Logo 2013 1

Also, new this year, we're pleased to announce ARAMARK has created an opportunity for IGA members to show their Hometown Proud team spirit at the upcoming IGA Global Rally in Chicago. Add the Global Rally logo and your company logo to a number of garment styles—only available through ARAMARK, your Red Oval partner for all your apparel needs! Click here to learn more.

On behalf of everyone at ARAMARK, we thank you for your continuing partnership. ARAMARK is proud to be a Red Oval Partner and we truly value your business.

Best regards,

Scott Kozelka and Ray Sam

IGA Retailers: If you are interested in Global Rally-branded items, check with your LDC to see if they are offering group pricing, or contact Aramark's Ray Sam at ray.sam@uniform.aramark.com; 800-785-2299 Ext. 675741. For help customizing your store's work-wear image, please reach out to the ARAMARK/IGA team at 800-888-2900, email the team at Uniforms.IGA@uniform.aramark.com, or visit the IGA custom website www.aramark-uniform.com/iga.