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Everyday IGA Creates a Community Connection with IGALink

Author: Jennifer Rutledge

The Independent View


Everyday IGA Creates a Community Connection with IGALink  

 February 19, 2013 


We've been using the IGALink program since it first launched back in 2011. For us the decision was simple: We knew that we needed digital marketing to raise awareness of store events and solidify our connection to the community, and IGALink's customizable site was the easiest and most effective way for us to accomplish those goals.

To start, we put most of our focus on promoting in-store sales by jumping onboard with the Interactive Digital Ad. Posting our ad was essential because here in Great Falls we have lots of customers who walk to get to the store. The Interactive Digital Ad gives them and other shoppers the opportunity to see the sale items and even build shopping lists that makes for quicker and easier shopping trips.

But just as our store has become much more than just a grocery store in our community, we wanted our website to be a whole lot more than your average grocery-store website. With that in mind, we started focusing our attention on using the "more pages" section to promote our store's community involvement. Now our website includes resources highlighting the importance of family meal-time, links to local youth programs, information about our local museums, listings of store events as they happen and kid-friendly handouts that support in-store programs.

We tie all of our digital marketing efforts together and promote the new things on our website each week by sending emails through IGALink's grocery newsletter program and posting frequent updates on our store's Facebook page. Both methods have served to remind our shoppers to keep coming back to our website to find the information they need about our store. And it's working. Our site traffic continues to grow, and more importantly, we hear frequently how much our shoppers appreciate all of our digital marketing resources. It's just one more example of how a little work can go a long way when it comes to connecting with your shoppers!


Jennifer Rutledge