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Sampling Cements Excitement for New Exclusive Brand Pizzas!

Author: Dave Bennett

The Independent View

Dave Bennett

Sampling Cements Excitement for New Exclusive Brand Pizzas!  

 February 21, 2013 


If you've ever been on a trade show floor, you know that the biggest crowds are often drawn to the booths with the best giveaways—particularly when its lunchtime and those giveways fall into the category of food. That theory held true last week at IGA booth at The N.G.A. Show, where for two days attendees lined up to sample our new IGA Exclusive Brand pizzas!

These new frozen pizzas mark entry into a category we have lacked for many years, and we're extremely pleased to now offer a quality product from Momma Rosa, one of the industry's most highly-respected frozen pizza manufacturers. The value proposition relative to the quality of these pizzas is phenomenal—now it's up to you to create the excitement at retail that will build a strong gross margin in you store.

How do you do it? As The N.G.A. Show taught us, the best possible way to get the word out about IGA's Exclusive Brand pizza is through sampling. Over the course of the two days we served thousands of slices, and had an overwhelmingly positive response. Try the same in your store and we are confident that you'll see success in this profitable and growing category. After all, everybody loves pizza!

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As always, we are here to help. If you have any questions about IGA Exclusive Brand pizzas or any other product, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.   


Thanks and happy selling,

Dave Bennett