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Red Oval Partners Support the Upcoming IGA Global Rally!

Author: Doug Fritsch

The Independent View

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Red Oval Partners Support the Upcoming IGA Global Rally!  

 February 22, 2013 


Throughout the year, IGA Red Oval manufacturing and service provider partners support IGA retailers and Licensed Distribution Centers in numerous ways. From funding and executing events and providing valuable category management insights that enable IGA retailers to make better and more informed merchandising decisions, to offering IGA members expert services that help them compete in their marketplaces and add value to their IGA Brand presence, the Red Oval partners make a huge contribution to the success of IGA members. And then once a year, they do even more when they take on an additional invaluable role—this time as sponsors of our IGA Global Rally.

This April at the IGA Global Rally in Chicago, IGA members from around the world will gather together to learn from each other, to celebrate accomplishments, and to challenge each other to strive for even higher future goals—thanks in large part to the support of our Red Oval Family. Together these partners help us create a great program by sponsoring speakers, events, meals, and everything in between.

Today I'd like to thank each of the Red Oval Family members who have committed to helping us make our 2013 Global Rally the very best it can be.

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We appreciate this and all you do for IGA and its members!


Doug Fritsch

IGA Family Members: Click here to view the Rally agenda and register to attend.