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Meeting Shopper Needs...Now and In the Future!

Author: Harold Lloyd

The Independent View

Harold Lloyd 2013

Meeting Shopper Needs...Now and In the Future!  

 February 25, 2013 


From my perspective, meeting the shoppers' needs means to give them what they want. The question then becomes "what is it that they really want?" Sure, low prices, clean stores, and fresh produce/meat are always safe bets, but what else? And how will their wants and needs change as the industry changes?

These are the critical question many retailers are failing to answer, and that failure is putting them in an extremely vulnerable position in today's often volatile grocery industry.

My session at the IGA Global Rally will begin by outlining the effective and affordable ways for you to connect with customers to find out what they really want, then move on to offer practical solutions for meeting customer needs. We'll talk about everything from in-store marketing ideas that will set your store apart from the competition; to loss prevention/operational best practices that will help you keep more of what you've earned by losing less to shrink; to perhaps the most important solution, building a cohesive, loyal and responsive employee team that is ready to meet any challenge that comes your way—now and in the future.

If the last seminar you attended left you wanting more substance, you won't be disappointed in this, the last session of Day 1 of the Rally. I promised the good folks at IGA that each and every attending retailer would say this session alone justified their trip to Chicago, and I plan to deliver! I look forward to seeing you there!


Harold Lloyd