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Congratulations to NSW/ACT Metcash Food & Grocery

Author: Mark Batenic

The Independent View

Mark Batenic

Congratulations to NSW/ACT Metcash Food & Grocery: IGA Global LDC of the Year!  

 March 18, 2013 


IGA's Licensed Distribution Companies (LDCs) have a vital role to play, providing services far beyond that of supplying food. Day in and day out IGA LDCs work with IGA retailers to foster the regional connections that make the Brand strong and IGA stores the 'preferred place to shop' in communities across the world.

Today, I am pleased to announce that NSW/ACT Metcash Food & Grocery will be receiving the 2013 IGA Global Licensed Distribution Center of the Year President's Cup Award at our Chicago Global Rally this April. NSW/ACT's membership growth and development, operational excellence, IGA Exclusive Brand product support and support of the overall Alliance and IGA brand image were outstanding in 2012, and we are proud to add the company to our distinguished list of IGA President's Cup recipients.

We thank all of you who submitted applications this year, and ask that all of our LDCs accept our sincere thanks and appreciation everything that is done throughout the year in support of IGA retailers.

We hope that you will all make a point to join us in Chicago to connect with your fellow Alliance members and celebrate the success of our brand.


Mark Batenic

Have you registered for the IGA Global Rally in Chicago? If not, register today—rooms are limited!