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Exploring the Drivers of Change

Author: Keith Anderson

The Independent View


Exploring the Drivers of Change  

 March 28, 2013 


The IGA Global Rally in Chicago is just around the corner; look to The Independent View in the coming weeks to learn more about the speakers in the Global Rally lineup. Today, Keith Anderson elaborates on his session, which examines how economic and societal drivers of change will fundamentally alter the future retail landscape.

Looking out to 2020, there will be a very different retail landscape, one that will develop and evolve market by market, perhaps in deeply contrasting ways.

And here's the really impactful news: The evolution has already begun.

RetailNet Group LLC (RNG) visits and researches markets across the globe and recently we have seen retailers make significant changes to their stores, in particular moving away from traditional food merchandising. As retailers prepare for 2020, they are looking to win and stay ahead of trends such as to-go-foods, global palates, healthy living and much more. And with new players coming to an already saturated competitive field, it is even more important to stay ahead of the future.

At the IGA Global Rally RNG will analyze the drivers of change with the STEIP framework, which involves using five different general trend categories: Societal, Technologic, Economic, Industry and Political. By looking at these drivers, we can not only see how consumer behavior will change and how the retail landscape will evolve but just as importantly, what the expected competitive responses will be. From there, it's an easy step to determine the growth platforms that will put you in a position to win in this future retail landscape.

I look forward to bringing the future to the present with you!


Keith Anderson