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State of the Grocery Industry

Author: Burt Flickinger

The Independent View

Burt Flickinger

State of the Grocery Industry  

 April 1, 2013 


The IGA Global Rally in Chicago is just around the corner; look to The Independent View this week to learn more about the speakers in the Global Rally lineup. Today, Burt Flickinger elaborates on his session, which offers tips for competing in a challenging environment.

Despite the pressures that today's independent grocery retailers face from national chains, I feel that independents are actually in a terrific position in today's marketplace—especially those who are well-branded, maintain strong wholesale or co-op partnerships, and effectively use both traditional and digital marketing to drive shopper traffic.

During my session at the IGA Global Rally, I will discuss how to create these partnerships and leverage traditional and digital marketing that will help you compete—and win—in a challenging retail environment.

Some of the topics I will cover include how the independent retailer can navigate the new retail landscape with the expansion of dollar stores and the ever-expanding influence of Walmart, how underfunded pension plans at national chains can create opportunities for independents, and how changing energy production in the United States will affect both consumers and retailers.

Armed with insights about the future of grocery retailing, I contend that independents will actually have the advantage in tomorrow's food retailing environment, and I look forward to sharing the ideas that will help you come out on top.


Burt Flickinger