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Social Media Integration with IGALink

Author: Megan Tracy

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Megan Tracy

Social Media Integration with IGALink!  

 April 4, 2013 


The IGALink digital marketing program offers IGA USA retailers their own digital media platform, including a website, mobile website and shopper marketing features like email newsletters, ad postings, recipes and shopping lists. Today, Megan Tracy, marketing specialist at IGA, shares information about the new social media features integrated into IGALink retailer websites.

Good news for IGA retailers! You can now get your store engaged in the social media world by doing nothing more than using your IGALink website! Thanks to a new feature on IGALink, your IGA shoppers can post, tweet or pin their favorite recipes right from your IGALink website to their own social networking account. That means your shoppers are essentially doing your social media advertising for you and driving traffic back to your IGALink website—even if you don't have your own Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest account! 

IGA Social Media Graphic

Why is this important? Because today's shoppers are using social media as a way to connect with family and friends, and also brands—all of which is fundamentally changing their path to purchase! Before going to a store, today's shoppers are logging in to social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to learn not only what's new in services and offerings, but also what their social media friends have to say about it. For example, Red Oval Partner Nielsen's recent study, State of the Media: The Social Media Report, found that 65 percent of social media users learn more about brands/products/services, while 53 percent use social media to compliment brands.

With IGALink, shoppers can go to your website, browse your recipes and with one click share their favorites with family and friends, increasing brand recognition for all IGAs while driving traffic right back to your website. To learn more about how it works and how you can promote these new share features with your shoppers, visit the Alliance Site.


Megan Tracy