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Creating a Happy Retailing Family with IGA

Author: Li Weilong

The Independent View

Li Weilong

Creating a Happy Retailing Family with IGA  

 April 8, 2013 


As our name indicates, we are a Happy Family. We want our company to be a family for our 50,000 employees. We want our stores to not only sell to our customers quality goods their families need but also bring them a delightful experience. We want our suppliers to be family too. As family members, we want to grow and prosper together.

A few years ago, we became the first Chinese retailer to win in Berlin the "International Award for Retail Innovation." Our innovation is nicknamed the "Kung Fu Master". We have many such Masters among our first line employees. The Master at the meat counter, for example, is a college graduate. He is so good at cutting meat and offering cooking tips that customers do not mind lining up to buy from him.

There are numerous employees like him in our stores, and we are always looking for opportunities to cheer excellence and channel employee engagement into serving customers. There is a good reason why many customers prefer us among intense competition. Our logic is simple, engaged employees bring engaged customers whose word of mouth help us build up and strengthen our brand.

China store - Li Weilong

Joining IGA is a milestone in our development, as doing so ushered us into a larger, international family. We are proud to be a member of such a family. We are eager to share best practices with other members. We hope our own little progress in innovative retailing will contribute to building the IGA brand in China. Winning this award is a huge boost for our ongoing efforts toward this noble goal.  


Li Weilong