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Taking a Different Approach to Retailing with IGA

Author: Cate and Peter Brodie

The Independent View

Cate and Peter Brodie

Taking a Different Approach to Retailing with IGA  

 April 9, 2013 


Our 'Sisters SUPA IGA' at Joondalup services a community of around 250,000 people. The area has a very competitive retail sector and we compete with two massive grocery chains that are able to cross subsidise and amortise losses over hundreds of stores.

With the help of the IGA network we have taken a different approach to grocery retailing: we have tailored the store for our local Joondalup community. We represent and support our customers and community through many store initiatives while nurturing diversity.

We continually surprise and delight customers with innovative shopping experiences. For example we have pensioner shopping days and 'Store Chef' cooking demonstrations. We have put a crèche (or daycare center) in the store enabling caregivers to shop at their leisure and even take the time to have a coffee at our in-store cafe, happy in the knowledge that their children are being looked after and having fun. The crèche has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response from customers. If not for the support from IGA, initiatives like these would not be possible.

The recognition of the IGA brand in Australia continues to strengthen. SUPA IGA is increasingly seen as THE alternative to shopping with the large grocery chain stores. IGA in Australia runs carefully targeted campaigns highlighting the interdependence of independent retailers and their local communities—the "How the locals like it" campaign has increased consumer awareness of IGA's local, customized approach to retailing.

We are proud to be part of the Independent Grocers Alliance; we are proud that we are not a cookie-cutter chain, limited in our decision making and dictated to by a higher force. While we are independent, we have strength in numbers as part of the extensive IGA network in Australia.

Sisters SUPA IGA - Australia

We love our community, we love retail and we love IGA!  


Cate and Peter Brodie