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Making a Difference with IGA

Author: Tammy Bailey

The Independent View

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Making a Difference with IGA  

 April 10, 2013 


Here at Bailey's IGA we pride ourselves in not just being a part of the community, but being the hub of the community. We put our best foot forward and contribute in any way possible. Whether it's donating to community causes, sponsoring employee education or working with our town's other independent businesses to create a support network, we're always trying to help because that's what IGA—and our store in particular—is all about.

The IGA brand is extremely powerful, and when people see the IGA Red Oval on our store front, on our interior walls, and on our shelves, they know shopping at our store means that they're working with us to support their community. Add to that brand power the help that IGA gives us with training, A great private label product, merchandising events, and providing a network of IGA family members to learn from, and you can see why our store stands out. All of it works together to give us a leg up on the competition and make it easier for us to spend time doing what we do best—taking care of our customers and our community. 

Store - Baileys IGA

We are proud to be an IGA store. We take it very personally, because it truly is our life. IGA is more than just a brand to us, it's us our family, and we're thankful to that family for helping us make a difference in our community. For us, that's what it's all about.  


Tammy Bailey