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Creating a Winning Situation with IGA

Author: Mike Trask

The Independent View

Mike Trask

Creating a Winning Situation with IGA!  

 April 11, 2013 


Ours is not just the only grocery store in our community, but other than a few gas stations and a drug store, it's the only store period. That means we have a lot on our plate when it comes to taking care of our community's needs. We have a responsibility to balance great offerings and customer service with community contribution, and we're always looking for ways to make that happen.

At the 2008 IGA Global Rally in Merrillville, Ind., I discovered a solution that would put our store in a position to win for generations to come: Our family business could be transformed into an outstanding IGA supermarket. Now in just a few years, thanks to the support of IGA, Unified Grocers, our dedicated employees and community, our store is not just a great IGA—it's an award-winning IGA!

In my opinion, however, we're all winning—me, the store team, and most importantly, the community. Prior to remodeling and becoming an IGA, we solicited input from the community, and we found that people know and trust the IGA brand. Along with that trust we get resources that help keep us at the forefront of innovation and nourish the special relationship we have with our community. IGA makes it easier for us to compete every day, whether it's with a great event, great products, or just having the brand on the front of our store.

Granite Falls IGA

We want to be the best, and IGA helps us do that.  


Mike Trask