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Celebrating Quality, Trust and Community with IGA

Author: Clifton Ling

The Independent View

Clifton Ling

Celebrating Quality, Trust and Community with IGA  

 April 15, 2013 


I believe the IGA Promise says it in a nutshell: IGA is all about quality, trust and community. During our 65-year journey, Ling & Sons Supermarket has faced some challenges, but we've also had some significant milestones that have revolutionized our business. On a small island, Ling & Sons was able to innovate across six decades, from over-the-counter, to self-service, to automation, and now we're stronger than ever before because we have IGA's brand and higher global standards.

IGA is a way of doing business and it should be accentuated at every opportunity with every customer who walks into your store! The essence of IGA really transcends in most all we do in communicating with shoppers. At store level it begins with the Red Oval on the front of our store, and continues inside with the Promise poster prominently greeting shoppers at the entrance. We set expectations right away and work hard to remind them that we are part of the community with events that help keep our island healthy and happy. Beyond the store, our commitment to connecting as an IGA store is also apparent in our digital marketing. Our website and Facebook pages also serve to remind our shoppers of our commitment to them.  

Ling and Sons IGA SuperCenter

And of course in the end, it all really comes down to the associates who are knowledgeable about our brand and are able to fortify the emotional tie of the IGA Promise by providing a personalized, community-focused shopping experience. I'm lucky there to have had some of the best, most well-trained retailers in the business, and we owe that to the IGA Coca-Cola Institute.

IGA helps us be better in everything we do!   


Clifton Ling