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IGA Performance Insights is a Winner for Exclusive Brands!

Author: Dave Bennett
Dave Bennett 2013June 13, 2013

A message to IGA retailers from...
Dave Bennett 
Senior Vice President 
Procurement & Exclusive Brands 

IGA last month announced the launch of IGA Performance Insights, a new marketing initiative that organizes IGA retailers as a single marketing entity, leveraging their combined sales volume to increase individual store sales. Today, IGA's Dave Bennett shares the role that IGA Exclusive Brands will play in the program.

Up to this point we've talked a lot about how Red Oval manufacturers will utilize the Performance Insights program to deliver high-value, IGA-exclusive shopper offers each month that build sales for IGA licensed distribution centers, retailers and Red Oval partners alike. Well, today I'd like to introduce you to the bigger picture of Performance Insights—a picture that is uniquely IGA in that it utilizes one of IGA's biggest strengths: The IGA Exclusive Brand line. That's right: not only will these offers feature family-favorites from your Red Oval partners, in many cases they we will also include IGA Exclusive Brands!

Why bring IGA Exclusive Brand products into the mix? The obvious answer is to increase sales, but that of course is only a small part of the benefit. Placing your Exclusive Brand line in the spotlight through Performance Insights will also help your shoppers see clearly that these "Hometown Proud" shopper offers are unique to IGA, serving to further distinguish your IGA and your offerings from the competition and enhance your store's image.

At the same time, Performance Insights provides a valuable opportunity for cross merchandising IGA Exclusive Brands with Red Oval partner products. In doing so, we create the potential for better retail gross margins, and just as importantly, the potential to introduce the IGA Exclusive Brand line to shoppers who don't normally purchase private brand products, creating a whole new group of loyal shoppers for both your brand and your store.

Your IGA Exclusive Brands team is excited about the role that your brand will play in IGA Performance Insights, and we know you will be too. We look forward to partnering together with our Red Oval partners in a way that will bring continued, measurable value to your IGA Exclusive Brand line. Stay tuned to The Independent View and IGA eNews for more information about the Performance Insights program and its offerings.

Dave Bennett