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Ptacek's IGA and Anheuser-Busch Team Up for a Great Cause!

Author: Pat Ptacek
Pat PtacekSeptember 19, 2013

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Pat Ptacek
Ptacek's IGA
Prescott, WI
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IGA retailers have a long history of being some of the most creative fundraisers in the business. Today, Pat Ptacek of Ptacek's IGA shares how working with a Red Oval Partner, he and his team set a second record for the world's longest brat while raising money to build a park for his community.

It all started as a chance encounter at the Global Rally in Chicago last year. On our second night at the Rally we stopped by the Anheuser-Busch reception and started talking to a guy from Anheuser-Busch about how we'd like to build a park for the city of Prescott as a thank you for all they've done for Ptacek's IGA. Turns out he had heard about our record setting brat from the year before, and he said if we did another brat with Budweiser beer in it for a park fundraiser, he would bring the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales so we could get more people and publicity around the event.

Six months, 75 pounds of pork, 144 ounces of Budweiser Beer, six pounds of spices and 70 pounds of bread dough later, we had our world record setting Budweiser brat!

Now we just had to cook it... A crowd of about 7,000 people, 180 volunteer workers and the Budweiser Clydesdales spent their Labor Day in our parking lot, where we grilled the 152 foot 9 inch brat on a charcoal grill we made out of cinder blocks. Believe it or not, it worked, and the sale of the brat, other food and beverages, t-shirts and hats raised $64,533 for the park in just around six hours!

Clydesdales at Ptacek's

We were blown away by the crowd that came out to support us, and also by the coverage that this event generated. We sent emails about the event to our local news stations and newspapers, and from there it just snowballed. In the course of a week or so, bigger news stations picked up the local coverage and soon our world record was all over the place, with coverage in Progressive Grocer, MSNBC and USA Today.

Ptacek's video

So would I do it again? Well, there's no doubt that it takes a lot of time and money (editor's note: Ptacek's donated the $37,000 it took to host the event), but it was such a great time and great cause that you certainly can't complain. We feel like we owe the success of this one to Anheuser-Busch and we want to make sure everyone in Prescott knows it, so that's why the new park will be named Clydesdale Park!

Pat Ptacek