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Make IGA Days Count with Creative Displays

Author: Kurt Schumacher
September 24, 2013

A message to the Alliance from...
Kurt Schumacher
Sr. Director of IGA Exclusive Brands - Retail Growth

IGA Days end capWe're just a few weeks away from the kick-off of the 2013 IGA Days Selling event. Preparation up to now has been working with your Licensed Distribution Center (LDC) to order the right mix of products, designing your ad layout, and getting your store associates up to speed on the big event—all extremely important steps. And yet there's one final element that will be a telling moment in the success of your event. It's time to develop your plans for the featured end caps and displays throughout the store.

Think that displays don't really matter that much? Well think again.

According to evidence from Nielsen, when product is featured in an advertisement, there's an average of a more than 130 percent lift in unit sales. However when you feature the products AND have them on display, the lift increases to more than 250 percent!

Your LDC has provided you with allowances on the right items to feature in your ad. Now it's up to you to draw your shoppers in with displays of those specially priced products. Even the simplest display can make a big impact on sales; the key is to make it easy for shoppers to find and load up on your featured IGA Days products.

IGA Days balloons

Have questions? Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss display ideas. Let's make the 2013 IGA Days the BEST ONE YET.

Good Selling!

Kurt Schumacher