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IGA and Unilever: Delivering Hometown Proud Savings This November

Author: Doug Banes
Doug BanesSeptember 27, 2013

A message to the Alliance from...
Doug Banes
IGA Red Oval Partner Representative

Having a strong focus on performance and productivity is a part of the Unilever culture--a culture where we encourage our employees to come up with new ideas and fresh approaches. That's why we were so excited to learn about IGA's innovative Performance Insights program. Working together we can deliver attractive, high-value offers to IGA shoppers that build basket size for IGA retailers, and add incremental volume for IGA Licensed Distribution Companies and IGA Red Oval Partners.

Beginning this November, Unilever will participate in IGA Performance Insights with the first Hometown Proud offer that co-markets a Red Oval Partner product with IGA Exclusive Brands. We're pleased to bring your shoppers this Ragu/IGA pasta pairing because it aligns two of our most important goals related to IGA: contributing to the success of IGA's independent retailers, and delivering affordable meal solutions to IGA shoppers.

Spaghetti Feast ad
IGA Spaghetti Feast ad drop-in

And with Performance Insights' secure data collection from reach | influence, IGA retailers can rely on a quick and accurate settlement of exclusive offers--all without any additional hardware or software at store level. We are extremely excited about this promotion and the "uniquely IGA" Performance Insights program as a whole, and we look forward to the opportunities this new venture brings to IGA members and our consumers. With 30 brands spanning 14 categories of home, personal care and foods products, we see great potential for using Performance Insights to promote the Unilever brands that are part of everyday life for IGA shoppers.

Doug Banes

IGA Retailers: Want to learn more about the IGA Performance Insights program? Click here for a quick overview, or visit www.igasurvey.com from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device and sign-up.